Artist / Band Development

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 Artist and Band Development

Freedom Academy of Music Education offers artist / band development for musicians that want to take the next steps toward establishing themselves in the music industry.  Our artist / band development programs cover topics  from songwriting, publishing, image and branding, music and video production, stage presence, live performance, marketing, social media, booking performances and more.  Every artist and band will have a different “vision of success” and through our artist / band development program we will help you bridge the gap between being an aspiring musician and realizing your “vision.”

Freedom Academy of Music Education features large, comfortable and spacious studios.  Additionally, as a teaching tool, each of our studios have a 50” Wi-Fi enabled smart TV that allows for a modern and engaging experience.  Our artist / band development programs are based on the belief that great musicians continually work at their craft; that they have a lot of practical experience, performing on different stages in front of all kinds of audiences; and finally, that they know how to record and what to do and expect in a recording studio.  Freedom Academy of Music Education is unique in the fact that our artist / band development programs are designed to teach all these aspects of musicianship.  

At Freedom Academy of Music Education, we want to develop great musicians out of all our students, no matter whether the student wants to pursue performing as a hobby or if they have aspirations to enter the music industry on a professional level. 

It’s easy to get started on your musical journey, Freedom Academy of Music Education does not require a registration fee or semester minimum.  Every student is here on a month-to-month basis.  Artist / Band Development programs are on a first come, first serve basis so contact us today to reserve your time block. 

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